Even though there is a hint of amateurish directing and acting at times, the smoldering hot Meghna Naidu plays her role with great conviction and has the physicality and sensual appeal to do full justice to her role. She epitomizes the sensual, hot and mature Indian woman for me in this movie. Himanshu has done a great job with his role as well, perfectly transitioning from a concerned, soft hearted well wisher to a demented, frightening sex maniac and predator. The mansion shown adds to the.

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Meghna Naidu is now seriously eyeing the heroine slot. For the actress has not just chosen an unconventional role in Ashok Nanda's Rivaaz, but following that, has actually taken to tennis with a vengeance to lose those extra pounds."I love tennis and play the game for enjoyment, not to lose weight," confesses a slimmer trimmer Meghna.May be it is this involvement in the game rather than calorie-consciousness that has made the difference for this talented actress.

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Meghna Naidu's acting is excellent; one loves the stop-animated way in which her emotion changes: She talks, waits for a few seconds and then suddenly outbursts if she needs to change into another mood, be it happiness, sadness, coyness, excitement or whatever.