Enemies prowled the streets like jaguars hungry for your blood, plotting and manipulating to watch you fall. They pray for your demise, like Jesus they all break bread with me and drank my wine with.

After looking at the sketches for a second time, she looked up, hot pink YSL-colour stained lips parted into a smile.


Miles Davis was so smitten with McLaughlin’s guitar playing that he named a song after him (on Bitches Brew). Before that.

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Interview: Yungblud – "The common denominator with young people is the genuine sense of intelligence, and the drive for equality and unity" – “He was completely naive in the way he was talking – calling it ‘basic bitch mentality’. I was like.

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Many artists and musicians seem to understand the power of hip-hop, but for some — it seems like their embrace of the culture is.

Born in London to a Pakistani mother and Indian father, Jamil struggled with feelings of confusion.

Jamil has an outspoken.

In 2017 he had a role in the film adaptation of Richard Wagamese’s novel Indian Horse. The next year.

Her 2016 documentary.