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“(Revenge porn) is something that can be devastating and debilitating for a person, and it was recently put into clear focus.

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Teenage girl forced into prostitution20 things the LGBT+ world will be talking about in 2020 – Tumblr’s porn ban in December 2018 created widespread debate in gay circles.

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We’re just taking it really seriously now, with new laws targetting voyeurs, upskirters, and revenge porn coming into full.

If 2018 was the year some of the world’s largest and most powerful companies were forced to admit their failings.


There are those who say this is all just play-acting, despite the research showing how porn-makers often exploit women who.

Apparently long ago there was an ape named Sir Santa of Claus who enslaved elves and forced them to make toys out of his own shit and dinosaur bones.

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