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Heartbroken Spanish woman knits butterflies as call to stop domestic violence – The men took turns to have sex with the teenager after a party in Manresa.

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Every year, Indian women get more confirmation that their country doesn’t respect their right to a life free of violence.

A sex-trafficking survivor.

“When Priya goes to her village, she sees that all the girls, including her sister Laxmi are.

He caught the whole scary episode on video.

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This Intersex Runner Had Surgery to Compete. It Has Not Gone Well. – For the past decade, Mitra has stood alongside numerous athletes with naturally high testosterone levels, including Caster.

Based on her complaint, the airport police filed a complaint under Indian Penal Code Sections.

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Regional Indian movies often portray feminist themes more sensitively than Bollywood.

The first feature length Himachali.

This playful docufiction road movie begins with a smartphone video sent to the director and real-life star.