The global panic around COVID-19 has led to a bunch of Indian musicians across languages writing songs about the coronavirus.

She added, "I have a son, uncle and aunty here. I do not have to go to my mother," she said.

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We live in the 21st century with people living in nuclear families and both parents working. Gone are the days when.

‘It’s like losing your father’ – PK Banerjee’s proteges remember loving, inspirational coach – Kartick Sett was one of the strikers in the Indian team when the 1982 Asian Games came to New.

His wife Arati — we called.

I wondered where and how and when Indian women learnt to manipulate to survive—to prey on sensibilities, crumpling emotional.

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As Indian batsmen returned to the pavilion one by one, the same crowd that was cheering vociferously, became stone faced.

During his MBA days, Pratik and his friends used tiffin services from local neighbourhood aunties. Meals would become boring.

Dutee Chand is the first Indian woman to ever win a gold in 100mts at the World Universiade.

Along with JioSaavn,

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She Is Single, But Why Won’t Society Let Her Be Happy? – Being single is considered an ill-fate for a woman in our society. Single women have to deal with tons of concern, taunts,