Registering a growth of over 119% since last year, online consultations have emerged as one of the preferred modes of doctor consultations amongst Indian women.

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This year’s theme for Zero Discrimination Day, symbolised by a butterfly, challenges the discrimination faced by women and.

Menopause According to Better India, there are currently 65 million Indian women over the age of 45.

Due to low estrogen levels during menopause, the desire for sex often decreases. Urinary tract.

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“It is not over until you go for a whole year without a period,” my doctor said. And so I waited. A few more false alarms and.

Doctor gets 19 years in prison for murder of Amber-Rose Rush – Former doctor Venod Skantha has been sentenced to at least 19 years behind bars for the.

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The process of writing ‘Aaraachar’ also took a toll on me, and I visited a doctor. He told me that I.

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How can one understand what is going on in another person’s (especially of the opposite sex’s) head? So here I was.


He also made an important point that Indian women are “double colonised”, by the British and also by the.

Faculty members, students and employees of the college took part in the meeting where.